About Inkhorn

What is it, currently?

Inkhorn is a directory of markets actively soliciting submissions from from writers. The current focus is mostly on magazines, journals, and websites looking for short fiction and poetry.

What does it want to be when it grows up?

Eventually, Inkhorn seeks to be a comprehensive set of resources for writers looking to publish. The market listings will be expanded in the near future to include trade publications, consumer magazines, and book publishers. I'm still on the fence if it should include agents or contests.

In addition to the market listings, there will eventually be a submission tracker, a calendar of events and deadlines, the ability to bookmark markets and save searches, as well as forums and discussion groups. There is also a plan to open the market listings up so users can add/edit information about any market. While I'd be satisfied if I can provide a useful service to a handful of writers, I'd be thrilled if this site evolved to enable a true community of authors.

Who is behind all of this?

I'm Zach. You can reach me by email at zach@imnotsoup.com